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Nightfall: Blood Country Exp. (Nightfall)

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Nightfall: Blood Country Exp. (Nightfall)

Hersteller: Alderac Entertainment
EAN: 0729220053039
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Hersteller Alderac Entertainment
Hersteller-Artikelnummer AEG5303
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Abmessungen Länge 16 cm, Breite 10 cm, Höhe 8 cm
Gewicht Gewicht 498g

Cities have fallen, cities have stood, but outside of those protections, humans must face the creatures of darkness on their own terms. In the lawless countryside of Nightfall, the beast within can wreak havoc like never before.Nightfall: Blood Country is a stand-alone expansion to the competitive deck building game Nightfall. Blood Country brings you a complete all-new set of cards with special powers, and features new vampires, werewolves, hunters and ghouls. Blood Country also introduces innovative abilities for your wounds, creating new effects beyond those just on the card!All new cards for NightfallInnovative new card effects change the game like never beforeFully compatible with existing Nightfall setsAmazing art shows more of the world of Nightfall

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